Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 4 overview

Here’s a Look at our Week:
Week 4 Sept. 21-25

Picture Day!!!  Tomorrow is Picture Day!  Your child may wear uniform or non uniform clothing for the picture.  They will need to change into uniform clothing after they have their picture taken.  All children will have pictures taken.  Please fill out and return the picture packet you received last week.  
Bible Stories: God Calls Abram, God's Covenant with Abraham
Math: Lesson 8 (sorting by shape), Lesson 9 (alike and different) Lesson 10 (position words), Lesson 11 (review position, color, shapes, sorting)
Reading Book: “We See" Read each night. Keep in folder. Initial front cover of book                               each night that you read or listen to your child read it to you. 
Sight words: We, see
Review sight words: I, see,  the, here, a , an, is
Hand writing: Capital D, P, B, R and #2,3
Computer:  Fall trees, drawing circles, color change
P.E:  Balance while walking forward and sideways on an elevated or narrow surface, non loco motor movements creating shapes with bodies
Art:  Watercolor Apples, finish Johnny Appleseed project, Free Paint
Science/SS Theme:    Compare, weigh, measure apples. Using apple peeler/corer/slicer each child will peel 1-2 apples that will be used for applesauce.
 juice apples
Taste different apple treats while marking on a chart the things we liked and didn't like
Describe characteristics of an apple
The "star" inside"
 Describe how the apple treats tasted
 Life cycle of an apple tree (seed, seedling, blossom, importance of bees,)
 History of John Chapman, (Johnny Appleseed)
APPLES:  If you are able, please send at least 3 apples by Thursday.(sooner if you have them) 
If you would like to send an "apple treat"  for Friday afternoon, we would love it!  Please respond and let me know so I can add your item to the graph the children will be marking.  THANK YOU!!!  
Stay tuned for pictures from our "apple week"!
Friday is an early release day.  We will have our "apple tasting party" at 1 pm.  There will be No Nap on Friday!  You are invited to join us at 1 pm if you would like to come and help pass out the apple treats and watch the children graph their likes and dislikes.  We may also sing a  few songs if time allows.  
Karate:  Please return the Karate form tomorrow if possible.  Let me know if you have any questions!

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