Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This week in Kindergarten! 9-14-15

Bible Stories:   Cain’s Sin, God’s Love
                            The Flood
  Math:  Lesson 4 (left and right), Lesson 5 (problem solving and deciding)
            Lesson 6 (naming attributes), Lesson 7 (sorting by color)
 Reading Book: "School"  Read each night several times. Keep the book in their folder until the end of the week.  (to be used at home and school) Initial the  front cover of book  each night, indicating that you read or listen to your child read it to you. The children are very excited to read new books!!! 
 Sight words: I, see
                        The last 15 minutes of nap time, I play a video called Heidi Songs.  They are sight words set to short little tunes.  I guarantee you will hear your child singing them eventually!
Review sight words: the, here, a , an, is
Phonics:  Review letters I-L
Handwriting: Capitals E,F,D,P  and numbers 1 and 2. Check out the "Handwriting without Tears" website to read about the order the letters are taught and WHY? You can also print paper from the website that is the same as we use in school.
We will use the slate boards, magnet pieces, and our handwriting books this week!
 SS/Science Theme: Apples. Our theme this week and next week is “Apples”. If you could send in apples next week, we would like to make applesauce on Thursday and have an apple tasting day NEXT WEEK Friday.  I have not even told the children about this yet, because next week is easily confused with this week!  We would like a large variety of apples.  Please send at least 2 apples by Thursday next week if possible!
We will be making charts and graphs of the kinds of apples, comparing them, talking about the parts of an apple, talking about labeling and diagrams in association with apples.  We will also do some great “apple art!” Of course we will also learn about Johnny Appleseed during the week!  
P.E. Pathways. Using balance pathways and spot marker path
        Pathways: zigzag,straight, curve, random, hula hoop maze
 Karate:  On Wednesday from 2:30-3:15, we will be walking next door to the karate studio for a free karate class!  If you are available and want to watch the class, you are welcome to come.  Sorry I forgot to  add this to the note on Monday! 
If you are interested, you may fill out the flyer (coming home today) to sign up your child for the next 11 week session.  Classes will be from 2:30-3:15 each Wednesday.  Children not in Karate will have regular P.E. class.  

Don’t forget the PTF meeting Thursday night at 6 p.m.! We’d love to see you here!  Child care will be provided in the preschool.

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