Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Kindergartner's Day with Ms. Hartel & Miss Karina

December 10, 2013

Here is what we did today:
  1. Morning Play-We collected and sorted dinosaurs.
  2. Bible Story – Jesus is Born (Luke 2)   o   Color Page & video
  1. Devotion -  Advent = Getting ready for Christmas
  2. Calendar Time – Months, Days, Weather, Counting
  3. Tally – Counting by 1’s, 2’s 5’s and 10’s
  4. MUSIC: with Mr. Bauer
  5. Handwriting: The letter “Tt”
  6.    “I Spy” something Tt in Kindy!
  7.    Graphing: Most vs. Least (Tallest vs. Shortest)
  8.  We did an Advent Graph for Christmas
  9.  Story time – Mouse Prints “Time of Christmas – Advent”
  10.  Naptime – With Miss Karina
  11.  Math: Adding +1 and Hour on clocks.
  12. Health: Learn About Germs - We saw a video about germs & sneezes.  Then we hmade a take home book to read with our parents.(see paper book)
Learning about Graphing

Which one is MORE? or LESS?

I think the TREE is the MOST.

Colton shows us the calendar and today's weather.

Anders counts the days.... Day 69 today!

Snacks as usual... recess too!

Taking out the toys!

In the morning we collected dinosaurs.

Then we sorted the dinosaurs.

We learned to write the letter Tt.

I can write a Tt.

Teeth begin with T!

We all write our letters.

A tree begins with a T.

Music with Mr. Bauer
We learned to add +1 more (see magnets) and reviewed to read the HOUR hand on a clock!

Mr. Bauer shows us a book with a song inside.

Future Dates to Plan for:
·         Wednesday night 7:00 PM is the Christmas Service featuring the students Grade 4 – 8, all the bands, and hand bells, AND more – COME PREPARE for the birth of our Savior by joining us this Wednesday in church!
 (Our service is NEXT week on Thursday night at 6:30 PM)

·         Christmas for Kids is THIS Saturday, Dec. 14th – invite a friend and sign up today!  You can sign up on line at www.stpaulsfirst.org