Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Table time:  
On Wednesday's the children will come into the room and pick a table to sit at.  Each table has a couple of choices with activities for the children.

Reading:  Reviewed sight words. Tomorrow we will listen to individual children read the book "Lunch"

Journal: No journal pages on Wed.  (computer class instead)

Handwriting:  We worked in three rotating groups.  One group did workbooks, one did magnetic letter formation, and the third group used the Lines and Curves (wooden pieces) to make letters and shapes.  We worked on writing the upper case letters E, and F

Word of God: Chapel talk by Mr. Koeppel. Afternoon devotion about "self control."

Computer class:  See the note in your child's folder.

Art:  Apple paper bag puppet.  Most children finished and took them home today.

P.E. Too hot outside!  We spent extra time on art today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday, 9-9-14

What did we do today?

Freeplay until choir at 8:30

Choir:  We started the day going to choir.

Reading:  Read the book "Lunch" on the ENO board together, pointing out each new sight word.

Journal:  We wrote a journal page today.  We did a sample on the board and talked about how we can write the first letters of the words we are writing. (as well as any letter sounds we hear) We talked about how sentences begin with capital letters. Names also begin with capital letters.

Math: We talked about the words "left" and "right".  Each child got a red dot on their right fingernail.  We used paper plates, spoons, and forks.  They had to place the object in the correct place, listening to the teachers direction.
On the math worksheet, the children were to trace the right hand blue and the left hand red. They were not told to color in the hands or trace their own hands. On wksht page 10, the objects should be circled right on top, left in the middle box, and right in the third box.I'm going to try and let you know,  at least at the beginning of the year,  what the directions are that I am giving to the children.
The concepts are simple in the beginning of a Kindergarten Math series.  The challenge is for the children to learn to listen in a group and follow the directions.

Word of God:  We acted out the Story "God Saves Adam and Eve".  Noah was Adam, Presley was Eve, Angielina was "God", Alice was the snake,  and Padraig was "The Tree of Knowing Good and Evil" (Hey, these are important parts of acting out the story!)lol

Story Time:  We read about Johnny Appleseed.  Ask your child what they learned about him.  This is day two of talking about Johnny Appleseed.

Music: Today with Mr. Bauer, we sang Busy Bee, Who Can Make a Flower (sign language) Where is Pelican (pelican "sings" children sing solo, class repeats, Miss Mary Mack (echo song), Story and song: Poor Meatball, The Seals on the Bus

Art:  Step by step drawing of Johnny Appleseed

P.E.  defining personal space, using rings, responding to signal, locomotor movements and returning to home base

Kinder News 9-8-14
Here’s a Look at our Week:

Bible Stories:  God Saves Adam and Eve
                           Cain’s Sin, God’s Love
                           There was a mix-up in the order of the Christ Light Bible Stories.   
                           The stories should be arriving soon.

Math:  Lesson 4 (left and right), Lesson 5 (problem solving and deciding)
            Lesson 6 (naming attributes), Lesson 7 (sorting by color)

            In your child’s folder tonight, you should find the first page of the table of     
            contents from the Kindergarten Math book.  This is the page I showed you   
            at Back to School Night, and told you I would be sending.  Feel free to  
            keep it or throw it out!

Reading Book: “Lunch”  Read each night. Keep in folder. Initial front cover of book                                                                      each night that you read or listen to your child read it to you. 
                                         The children are very excited to read new books!!! 

Sight words: here, a , an, is

Review sight words: the

SS/Science Theme: Apples. Our theme this week and next week is “Apples”. If you could send in apples next week, we would like to make applesauce on Thursday and have an apple tasting day NEXT WEEK Friday.  I have not even told the children about this yet, because next week is easily confused with this week!  We would like a large variety of apples.  Please send at least 2 apples by Thursday next week.
We will be making charts and graphs of the kinds of apples, comparing them, talking about the parts of an apple, talking about labeling and diagrams in association with apples.  We will also do some great “apple art!”

P.E. Understanding personal space, using locomotor movements without bumping into people, marching in place, using rings to understand "home base", "helicopter" arms to check for personal space, responding to "signal" (whistle)

Other:  Your child has a bag of a dozen offering envelopes that may be used for chapel offerings on Wednesdays.

Don’t forget the PTF meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 6 p.m.! We’d love to see you here!  Child care will be provided in the preschool.

It was great to see you yesterday in church!  The children sounded beautiful!  Next week, Sunday school begins.  All children are welcome to attend!